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Your Money and Your Mindset

Five Steps to Financial Freedom Your finances might seem like a purely practical aspect of your world, but dealing with them intelligently demands using your natural strengths. By leveraging the skills that you have relied on most of your life you will feel more confident in making financial decisions that work for you…

Iceburg Ahead ~ Navigating Financial Disruptions

5 Ways to Protect Your Finances Against Unforeseen Life Events Planning for the predictable is easy, it’s that unpredictable that causes women the most worry and stress. As women we tend to stay within our comfort zone when it comes to finances, focusing on what we know and avoiding what we don’t, yet it is that exact behavior that can create a tsunami of challenges and issues for women especially after losing a spouse after death or divorce.

5 Ways to Transform Your Finances

You can’t take care of your money if you’re crafting your strategy around hoping it will all work out. Your grandparents might have earned enough interest from their savings account to impress the savviest investor, but today’s banks barely resemble their ancestors, so that is no longer the case. If you want to accomplish your long term goals and have a secure and worry free retirement, it’s a matter of spending less, living a more simple life and saving more. Adapt these 5 habits and you will transform your finances for life.

Why Women Need A Financial Plan

A comprehensive financial plan provides a clearly defined roadmap for organizing the pieces of your financial picture. It is the procedure used for discovering your values, your goals, your dreams for the future and the resources needed to achieve them. The financial planning process considers what strategies and investments would be most appropriate based on your values, tolerance for risk and time horizon.

Mind Over Money ~ Improving Your Money Scripts

Money is a mirror reflecting your best and worst self. It reflects you faithfully, whether through your fear, your discipline, or your determination. If you lack faith in your financial competence, your money will be too fluid to control. If the idea of saving sparks your fear, your 31-day account will probably remain as empty as it always was, purely by virtue of your inability to face up to it squarely. If your personality is driven by discipline and practicality, your money will reward you, but we all have flaws that infect our financial health.

Wealth Is More Than Money

Wealth is all about Value. Any financial advisor worth her salt will try to rein in your spending. Stop wasting money on that daily Frappuccino, she will say. Put 10% of your income into a retirement account, and overpay your mortgage. Ebenezer Scrooge did all that and more, only to wake up one December night to the ghost of Christmas past. Kahlil Gibran said, “Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.”

4 Questions to Ask Before You Open Your Wallet

Even if you have the best of intentions, it’s easy to overspend. Even if you’re generally comfortable with how much you spend, you may occasionally suffer from a case of buyer’s remorse or have trouble postponing a purchase in favor of saving for a short- or long-term goal. Here are a few key questions to consider that might help you fine-tune your spending. How will spending money now affect me later?