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Patricia Allen

Patricia Allen, CRPCTM is on a mission to revolutionize women’s relationship with their money.

Patricia Allen is a Wealth Advisor and independent Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, specializing in helping women navigate the complex world of finance, with a sound, holistic approach. Patricia is passionate about her work with women and their families. Patricia partners with women that have experienced a life-changing event, such as the loss of a spouse, divorce, career change, or approaching retirement. During this transition, she assists them in helping to create financial independence and prosperity by balancing their long-term financial planning goals.

Patricia is energized when helping create the financial roadmap for her clients and their families—consistently delivering an achievable and realistic plan that clarifies their goals based on their values. She is dedicated to providing continuing education on multiple levels, financial literacy, and working toward solutions that are both comprehensive and innovative.

Patricia has built her 23-year practice by the integration of sound financial planning and access to the right professionals.

Patricia stays focused on understanding the unique financial and emotional challenges that women encounter after experiencing a life-changing event. “Confident, empowered, and free,” is how her clients describe the benefits of working with Patricia Allen.

Patricia holds the credential of CRPCTM (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) and licenses as an insurance professional. She has broad and varied experience and expertise, with a heavy emphasis in areas that include Retirement and Financial Planning, Investments and Social Security Planning. Patricia uses this broad range of experience to help her clients achieve financial independence and security, and more importantly, live their ideal life—their life by their design.

As a lifelong volunteer Patricia finds joy in giving back to her community. She is passionate about women and girls issues, healthy living and physical fitness. When she is relaxing Patricia enjoys sports, golf, theatre, world travel and music.

PARIS Financial Planning Wealth Management for the empowered woman ~ provides women with conservative strategies to grow their wealth during accumulation/savings years~ protects their wealth during their retirement years~ and provides tax-advantaged strategies to distribute their wealth during their lifetime, and to leave a legacy.

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